Beginners Guide To Playing Golf


Are you intimidated when a friend or colleague asks YOU to play a game of golf? Are you ashamed that you don’t know a bunker from a green? Are you wondering what is making everybody so obsessed with this game?

Don’t despair – everyone started out just like you. Unfortunately you may feel your performance will embarrass you in front of your friends (or worse – your boss!). But don’t let that make you miss out on the fun and networking enjoyed by golfers…

Learn How to Golf and Impress Your Friends!


The Beginners Guide To Playing Golf will give you in-depth analysis for every part of your game. It will help you learn and understand the essential basics that will accelerate your improvement and help you get off to a great start with your golf.

I’m sure that you’ll see much faster progress after applying the advice and suggestions in the “Beginner’s Guide to Playing Golf”.

In this PDF and audio report you will find valuable information and learn about the following essential tips:

  • Choosing the Proper Golf Club! From the first swing until the last, choosing the right club will greatly improve your game.
  • Correcting Common Swing Mistakes! It’s easy to forget the principles behind great swings until you’ve made several frustrating shots – learn these tips and avoid common mistakes.
  • How to Improve Your Contact! There’s nothing more embarrassing than missing the ball or having it dart to the side. Learn how to improve contact and get that ball moving in the right direction!
  • Overcoming Your Fears – The Mental Game of Golf! The secret that’s worth the price of the whole book – how to keep your head in the game and not let frustration get the better of you!

Are you ready to learn how to play golf? Start today for less that the cost of an afternoon at the driving range.

Download ‘Beginner’s Guide to Playing Golf”